Buy Back

Woodheads offers a full buy back service, trading in grain and pulses from existing customers

Using your own seeds

If you're thinking about saving your own seed for future use, then think about having it professionally cleaned and treated by Woodheads Seeds.

Explanation of business terms

A full copy is available on request

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Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Defra works for the essentials of life: water, food, air, land, people, animals and plants

Countryside Stewardship Scheme

Countryside Stewardship was introduced as a pilot scheme in England in 1991 by the then Countryside Commission and operates outside the Environmentally Sensitive Areas.


Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship is a new agri-environment scheme which provides funding to farmers and other land managers in England who deliver effective environmental management on their land.


Environmental Stewardship Scheme

The Environmental Stewardship Scheme (ESS) was launched in March 2005 to build upon the Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) Scheme and the Countryside Stewardship (CS) Scheme and is open to farmers and land managers in England




HGCA supports the UK cereal and oilseeds industry in improving its competitiveness in UK and overseas markets.