Buy Back

Woodheads offers a full buy back service, trading in grain and pulses from existing customers

Using your own seeds

If you're thinking about saving your own seed for future use, then think about having it professionally cleaned and treated by Woodheads Seeds.

Explanation of business terms

A full copy is available on request

Available Cereal Seed Varieties

We offer seed certified to HVS, delivered on farm or available for collection with a range of seed treatments for specific needs.


Autumn 2014

Winter Wheat

Skyfall (New)- Group 1

Gallant- Group 1

Crusoe- Group 1

Cordiale- Group 2

Zulu (New)- Group 3

KWS Croft- Group 3

Icon (New)- Group 3

Invicta- Group 3

Claire- Group 3

Scout- Group 3

Leeds- Group 4 soft

Revelation- Group 4 soft

Cougar- Group 4 soft

Viscount- Group 4 soft

Horatio- Group 4 soft

Beluga- Group 4 soft

Alchemy- Group 4 soft

KWS Kielder- Group 4 hard

Evolution (New)- Group 4 hard

KWS Santiago- Group 4 hard

Relay- Group 4 hard

JB Diego- Group 4 hard

Grafton- Group 4 hard

Icebreaker- Group 4 hard

Belepi (Blackman variety)- Group 4 hard

Oakley- Group 4 hard

Winter Barley

Florentine- Two-row feed

KWS Cassia- Two-row feed

KWS Glacier- Two-row feed

KWS Tower (New)- Two row feed

SY Venture- Two- row malting

Winsome- Two- row malting

Volume- Six- row feed

Winter Beans


Winter Oats

Gerald- Conventional husked

Mascani- Conventional husked

SW Dalguise- Conventional husked


For seed orders please contact Gemma on:

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We also supply fertiliser, please contact Stephen Taylor for a quote.

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