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Woodheads offers a full buy back service, trading in grain and pulses from existing customers

Using your own seeds

If you're thinking about saving your own seed for future use, then think about having it professionally cleaned and treated by Woodheads Seeds.

Explanation of business terms

A full copy is available on request

Wildflower Seed

"locally grown and native to Yorkshire".  An ancient Meadow producing some of Yorkshire's finest wild flower species, suitable for most soil types .

Wildflower Mix

Listed below are the components of our own wild flower mix.

Agrostis Canina Velvet Bent
Agrostis Stonifera Creeping Bent
Alopecurus Pratensis Meadow Foxtail
Anthoxanthum Odoratum Sweet Vernal
Anthriscus Sylvestris Cow Parsley
Bromus Horeasceus Soft Brome
Carex Sedge (could be Yellow, Glaucous, Hairy,
Carnation or Wood Sedge – all are recorded)
Centaura Nigra Knapweed
Cerastium Fontanum Common Mouse Ear
Cynosurus Critatus Crested Dog's-tail
Dactylis Glomerata Cocksfoot
Festuca Pratensis Meadow Fescue
Festuca Rubra Red Fescue
Glyceria Declinata Delica Sweet Grass
Holcus Lanatus Yorkshire Fog
Hypochaeris Radicata Cats Ear
Juncus Ariculus Jointed Rush
Leucanthemum Vulgare Ox Eye Daisy
Luzula Campestris Field Wood Rush
Phleum Pratense Timothy
Plantago Lanceolata Ribwort Plantain
Poa Trivialis Rough Meadow Grass
Polygonum Lapathifolium Pale Persicaria
Primula Veris Cowslip
Prunella Vulgaris Selfheal
Ranunculus Repens Creeping Buttercup
Rhinanthus Minor Yellow Rattle
Rumex Acetosa Common Sorrell
Rumex Acetosella Sheeps Sorrell
Trifolium Dudium Lesser Trefoil
Trifolium Pratense Red Clover
Trisetum Flavescens Yellow Oat Grass
Vicia Sepium Common Vetch
Vicia Riviniana Bush Vetch